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DER Training


Work Certified is a locally owned and operated business that’s been catering to Southeastern businesses since 2004, providing services like Designated Employee Representative (DER) training. DER training is vital. It ensures that those in charge of sensitive responsibilities are well-prepared to handle them efficiently. It’s time to foster a safer, more compliant work environment for your employees today and minimize risks associated with substance abuse.

What is a Designated Employee Representative (DER)

Designated Employee Representative (DER) Training is a cornerstone of maintaining a safe and compliant workplace. But what exactly does it entail, and why is it crucial?

A DER is an employee authorized by their employer to manage the drug and alcohol testing program. This role requires a comprehensive understanding of relevant policies and procedures, ensuring the organization adheres to all legal requirements.

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A crucial part of DER training in Indiana is understanding the intricacies of substance abuse policies. This includes knowing what constitutes a violation, handling incidents, and the repercussions of non-compliance.

DOT DER Training

DOT DER training is designed to comply with the Department of Transportation’s regulations, which apply to various industries, including trucking, railroads, and public transit. This training emphasizes the importance of adhering to DOT rules, such as regulatory DOT physical exams. Key components include understanding the DOT’s testing procedures, knowing how to manage the testing process, and staying informed about any updates to DOT regulations. This training ensures that DERs can effectively manage their responsibilities and maintain compliance.

DER Drug Testing

Drug testing is a pivotal component of a DER’s responsibilities. This process involves selecting employees for testing, coordinating with testing facilities, and ensuring tests are conducted according to legal standards. Understanding different types of drug tests, such as urinalysis and hair follicle tests, is crucial. A DER must also be adept at handling positive test results, which involves confirming the results, notifying the employee, and taking appropriate action as per company policy and legal requirements.

FAA DER Training

For those in the aviation industry, FAA DER training is specifically tailored to meet the stringent regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. This training focuses on maintaining the safety and security of the aviation sector by ensuring that all employees involved in safety-sensitive positions are free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. FAA DER training includes specialized modules on managing testing protocols, understanding FAA-specific regulations, and addressing any unique challenges that arise within the aviation environment.

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DER Training

Benefits of DER Training for Employers

- Enhancing Workplace Safety
Proper DER training promotes a safer workplace. It helps identify and address substance abuse issues proactively, reducing accidents and incidents.
-Reducing Legal Risks
Compliance with drug and alcohol testing regulations minimizes legal risks. Well-trained DERs help ensure that the company follows the law, avoiding costly penalties and lawsuits.

The DER Training Process

Initial Training Requirements: Initial DER training covers the fundamentals. It includes an overview of the DER’s responsibilities, relevant laws, and best practices for managing a drug and alcohol testing program.

Ongoing Education and Certification: Continuous education is essential. Regulations change, and new challenges emerge, requiring DERs to stay informed through regular updates and recertification.

Southeastern Indiana DER Training
DER Training- safeguard employees, ensure compliance, and promote a healthy workplace culture today.