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Non-DOT Physical Exams

Pre-Offer/Pre-Placement/Pre-employment Physicals

Our same day Non-DOT physical exams can be done at our office or yours. All exams are conducted by our Certified Medical Examiner, Dr. Gauck. Ready for a healthier, more productive workforce?

Work Physical Exams

Pre-offer, Pre-placement, or Pre-employment Exams are thorough evaluations conducted on job applicants before they officially join a company. These exams assess an individual’s physical and mental fitness for specific job duties, helping employers make informed hiring decisions. They typically include medical history reviews, physical examinations, drug and alcohol screenings, vision and hearing tests, and sometimes psychological evaluations. These exams ensure candidates can meet the demands of the job and comply with legal requirements, promoting workplace safety and suitability for the role.

Your Non-DOT Physical:

So, what does a Non-DOT physical consist of? Expect a friendly chat about your medical history and a thorough check-up including blood pressure, heart rate, vision, and hearing. You might even showcase your strength and mobility. These assessments ensure you’re not just ready but raring to go, equipped to tackle challenges with confidence.

Each job may have its own unique requirements, allowing the exam to be tailored to fit your specific job needs.

Here’s what our Non-DOT physicals usually include:

  • A 20-30 minute comprehensive exam
  • A detailed medical history review including heart rate, blood pressure, and more
  • Additional assessments tailored to your job requirements

Non-DOT Drug Test

Work Certified is a locally owned and operated business that’s been catering to Southeastern Indiana’s drug testing needs since 2004. We offer reliable and confidential testing in various capacities.

Workforce Wellness

The health of your employees does not need to be complicated. But there are many moving parts of managing a safe, happy, and healthy workforce. We take the guesswork out of determining if your employees are physically fit for duty. 

Breath Alcohol Test

If you need breath alcohol testing for your employees, contact us today! We offer on-site testing mobile services for our alcohol testing. Ensure the safety and productivity of your workplace. 

Non-DOT Physical Meaning

Imagine a Non-DOT physical exam as a wellness check-up tailored just for you, a bit like getting your car serviced before a long road trip. Unlike the formal requirements set by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for truck drivers, Non-DOT physicals cater to various jobs, ensuring you're in tip-top shape for your tasks. It's your ticket to job readiness, offering assessments like fit-for-duty exams or pre- and post-work evaluations.
For employers, mandating Non-DOT physicals not only safeguards potential hires but also shields your company's future by curbing recordable OSHA injuries. These exams, conducted by caring employers or physicians, aim to assess your well-being and your ability to handle the physical demands of your role.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-employment physicals offer numerous benefits for both employers and employees:

  1. Health Assessment: Pre-employment physicals provide a baseline assessment of an individual’s health before starting a new job, identifying any pre-existing conditions or health concerns that may impact their ability to perform their duties safely.

  2. Risk Management: By identifying potential health risks early on, employers can mitigate workplace accidents and injuries, reducing workers’ compensation claims and promoting a safer work environment.

  3. Job Suitability: Pre-employment physicals ensure that candidates are physically capable of performing the essential functions of the job, helping employers make informed hiring decisions and reducing turnover rates.

  4. Legal Compliance: In certain industries, pre-employment physicals may be required by law to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, protecting both employers and employees from legal liabilities.

  5. Employee Wellness: Investing in the health and well-being of employees from the outset fosters a culture of wellness within the organization, leading to increased morale, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

  6. Cost Savings: By preventing workplace injuries and illnesses through early detection and intervention, pre-employment physicals can result in significant cost savings for employers in terms of reduced healthcare expenses and lost productivity.

Pre-employment physicals serve as a valuable tool for promoting workplace safety, minimizing health-related risks, and ensuring that employees are equipped to perform their jobs effectively from day one.

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