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Workforce Wellness​

Employee Health and Wellness Programs

The health of your employees does not need to be complicated. But there are many moving parts of managing a safe, happy, and healthy workforce. We take the guesswork out of determining if your employees are physically fit for duty.

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Workplace Health

With two systems in place, we test to see if employees are fit for work and we continuously monitor and improve employee mobility, strength, and capacity. Our testing includes:

  • Fit testing for respirators
  • Spirometry
  • At-home sleep test
  • Hearing tests
  • Saliva/hair follicle testing
  • Physical ability testing
    • Lift testing​
    • Functional capacity lifting (job specific)
  • Reasonable suspicion training, for supervisors
  • On-site services
    • Occupational consulting​
    • Safety and ergonomics consulting

We will help you develop a culture that understands health and safety so your employees can continue to perform at their best.

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Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-employment physicals assess the fitness of prospective employees prior to hiring.

Testing Services

Various assessments include spirometry, lift testing, and hearing tests to monitor and improve employee health and safety.

On-Site Services

On-site services offer convenient access to health resources within your workplace.

Your Employees's Wellness

Employee health programs are paramount in fostering a productive and safe work environment. By implementing comprehensive systems like fit testing for respirators, spirometry, at-home sleep tests, hearing tests, and various physical ability assessments, companies can ensure that their workforce is both physically capable and medically fit for their roles. These programs not only safeguard your employees from potential health hazards but also enhance their overall well-being and productivity. 

Employee Health and Wellness Program Benefits

By offering on-site services and occupational consulting, you as an employer will demonstrate a commitment to supporting your staff’s health and safety needs. Through regular monitoring and improvement of employee mobility, strength, and capacity, businesses can mitigate risks, boost morale, and ultimately drive greater success. 

Providing reasonable suspicion training for supervisors enables proactive identification and management of potential health-related issues, contributing to a safer and healthier workplace culture. Investing in such employee health programs yields numerous benefits, including reduced absenteeism, increased job satisfaction, and enhanced organizational performance for your employees!

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